Photo of Gary Revel Investigating the MLK Assassination

GARY REVEL at work investigating the MLK assassination.

1977 Photograph of Jim McClellan Playboy Magazine Interview of James Earl Ray-Brushy Mountain Prison, Tennessee

Pictured with Gary is James Earl Ray, his brother Jerry Ray and Attorney Jack Kershaw and Jim McClellan.

Gary Pictured in New York Times.

This picture was taken during a Jim McClellan (seated left) interview of James Earl Ray for a Playboy Magazine article.  Special Investigator-Gary Revel is standing (Man in Black) with a cup of coffee in his right hand.  James Earl Ray is sitting in the center.  Attorney Jack Kershaw is standing to the right of James.  Jerry Ray (seated right-James brother) is talking about how the FBI must think the American people are really stupid to believe that James could have pulled off one of the greatest crimes of the century all by himself.

Inside Brushy Mountain Prison – Photo/1977 by Mary Noel-Kershaw (attorney and wife of Jack Kershaw).

Now you can read the James Earl Ray Guilty Plea where we find that James did not plead guilty as charged in the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr;     CLICK HERE.

For a presentation of the motion picture project (MLK-Screenplay by Producer-Director-Screenwriter William Sachs) based on the story of the Gary Revel MLK Investigation  GO HERE

Official Web Site of Gary Revel – Click Here


  1. Hi Gary. I’d like permission to use or link to the photo above on the CTKA website to accompany the 1977 Playboy interview. Thanks, Debra Conway


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