Photo of Gary Revel Investigating the MLK/JFK/RFK Assassinations in 1977


GARY REVEL at work investigating the MLK/JFK/RFK assassinations.

Inside the walls of Brushy Mountain Prison, Petros Tennessee.

1977 Photograph taken by Photographer-Attorney Mary Noel. She is the wife of Jack Kershaw.

This photograph was taken during a Jim McClellan interview of James Earl Ray for the 1977 Playboy Magazine article. Jim is on the far left in the picture. Special Investigator-Gary Revel is standing (Man in Black) with a cup of coffee in his right hand. James Earl Ray is sitting in the center. Attorney Jack Kershaw is standing to the right of James. Jerry Ray (seated right-James brother) is talking about how the FBI must think the American people are really stupid to believe that James could have pulled off one of the greatest crimes of the century all by himself.

The fact is, James Earl Ray did not shoot and kill Martin Luther King Jr. Those who continue to accuse him of the crime are either ignorant or part of a continuing cover-up of the assassination of MLK as well as that of President John F. Kennedy and Senator/Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy, John Lennon and the attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan. These facts and more help us understand that the assassination of President John F. Kennedy of the injustice of using the lone gunman assassination theory in trying to explain away all the evidence and how that evidence clearly shows these killings were operations requiring a number of experienced professional criminals and a durable cover-up with a monumental effort to continue it.

Gary’s story is being developed for a motion picture by Producer/Director/Writer William Sachs. More at

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Photo Reference: Inside Brushy Mountain Prison – Photo, 1977 by Mary Noel-Kershaw (photographer-attorney and wife of Jack Kershaw).

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JFK: The Real Story

RFK Asassination … proof of second shooter.


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