Truth Crushed to Earth

TRUTH CRUSHED TO EARTH, the new audio book published by Larger Vision Inc./Nona Farrar proves a conspiracy killed Martin Luther King Jr.  Testimony from the  civil trial in Memphis Tennessee is performed by actors in the publication and proves the MLK assassination was a result of a conspiracy that included the US Government and the Mafia.

Most of the evidence and information in this book has been ignored by the television networks and major media corporations.  The guilty verdict that came from the trial received very little notice from major news organizations in the USA.

History will stand corrected and be able to deal with the subject of MLK’s assassination now in a truthful and honest way that hasn’t been possible before the publication of ‘Truth Crushed to Earth’.

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One thought on “Truth Crushed to Earth

  1. I have known Gary Revel for more than a dozen years and he is a dedicated reseacher who knows his facts better than most of the so-called experts. The CNN producer James Polk, who is mentioned here is a thief who steals other peoples copyrighted material. The EYEWITNESS TO MURDER documentary took copyrighted escape letters from my book and used them in his documentary WITHOUT asking permission. When I demanded a credit, CNN said F*CK YOU, we are too big and powerful to worry about you. James Polk STEALS other peoples hard work and that is the lowest form of unprofessional, immoral journalistic behavior you can engage in.
    THIS IS IMPORTANT – the escape letters published in my book were NOT even known to exist until I published them. They DO NOT exist anywhere else. Polk stole them from my book after he asked me to send him a copy. I can prove this is true since he had me use his CNN charge card to pay the shipping costs.


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