Santo Trafficante And The Business Of Murder With The CIA

Santo Trafficante And The Business Of Murder With The CIA

An Executive Session of the House of Representatives Subcommittee on the Assassination of John F. Kennedy began it’s meeting. HSCA Chairman Louis Stokes, Representative L. Richardson Preyer, Representative Walter E. Fauntroy, Christopher Dodd and Stewart B. McKinney were there to hear the testimony of Mafia Boss/CIA Assassination Contractor Santo Trafficante regarding his knowledge of the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy and Nobel Peace Prize Winner Martin Luther King Jr.


(  April 17, 2008:  On a Monday afternoon November 14, 1977 at 2:15 PM an Executive Session of the House of Representatives Subcommittee on the Assassination of John F. Kennedy began it’s meeting. Members of the House present included Cleveland Ohio Democratic 21st District Representative and HSCA Chairman Louis Stokes, North Carolina Democratic 6th Congressional District Representative L. Richardson Preyer, Washington DC Democratic Representative Walter E. Fauntroy, Connecticut Democratic 2nd District Representative Christopher Dodd and Connecticut Republican 4th District Representative Stewart B. McKinney.

The HSCA Staff present was led by Chief Counsel G. Robert Blakey and included Special Counsel I. Charles Mathews, Assistant Deputy Chief Counsel Kenneth D. Klein, Senior Staff Counsel Donald A. Purdy Jr.,Counsel John W. Hornbeck, Deputy Chief Counsel-Legal Office James L. Wolf, Director of Security Robert C. Morrison, Counsel-Legal Office Jeffrey Facter, Counsel-Legal Office Jan R. Schlichtmann, Consultant and Adviser on Law Enforcement and Organized Crime Ralph F. Salerno, Deputy Chief Clerk Marion H. Wills, Researcher Leslie H. Wizelman, Researcher Ann F. Taylor, Researcher T. Mark Flanagan and Chief Clerk Elizabeth Berning.

The person of interest for the day was the Tampa, Florida Native and former Cuban Mafia boss as well as sometime CIA executive contract assassination facilitator Santo Trafficante. He had been given complete immunity and was represented here by counsel Henry Gonzales and Roger Zuckerman. It was to hear his testimony that this meeting was scheduled in the hope that some revelation would come helping to solve the problem of who killed President John F. Kennedy and in some regard to solve the same for the killing of Martin Luther King Jr.

After giving his name, Santo Trafficante, and address of 704 Northeast 155th Street North Miami Florida he refused to answer the question of his work with the Central Intelligence Agency by saying, “I respectfully decline to answer on the grounds provided by the 5th ammendment.” He then told the committee that he intended to answer no more of their questions by the same authority. After some discussion of how well the immunity agreement would work for him in that he would never be charged with a crime for anything he told them there that day he changed his mind and said he would answer their questions.

The question of, “During the period of 1960 through 1963 did you have any connection with regard to any business or activity of the Central Intelligence Agency?” He answered, “Yes Sir.”

As the day and the questions drew out Mr. Trafficante confirmed that Mr. John Roselli representing the CIA had first met with him at the Fountainbleau Hotel in Miami asking for the help of the Mafia in getting rid of the Castro Regime in Cuba. At some point he also met with Mr. Roselli and Mr. Robert Maheu. Mr. Maheu was a business associate of the wealthy Howard Hughes, had been an FBI agent and CIA contract employee and as it turned out had given the contract for the Cuban job to Mr. Roselli who in turn brought Mr. Trafficante in. Mr. Trafficante said that one of those who would help……

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