Serial Killers do RFK Continued

One of the requirements for the success of getting a conviction of James Earl Ray for the MLK assassination was that Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy would have to be dead before James’ capture.  If James had been captured while RFK was still alive J. Edgar Hoover and Lyndon Johnson would have had trouble using the press exclusively to herald the ‘lone criminal theory’ as the one and only answer to the question, ‘Who killed MLK’.  Success in using that little piece of propaganda was accomplished  by the killing of Robert F. Kennedy who died on June 6, 1968 from the shot to his head.  James Earl Ray was arrested in London on June 8, 1968.  Because of the assassinations of his brother JFK and then MLK 2 months earlier, Robert Kennedy, who had been Attorney General of the United States, would have been able to put all the pieces together and get the real killers had he lived to become President.

Am I suggesting that the only reason RFK was murdered was because he would have stopped the use of James Earl Ray as a patsy for the King killing, no, I am not saying that.

The overall arc of the  assassinations of JFK, MLK and RFK was motivated by the wealth that flowed from wartime industries, Organized Crime. the ‘Heroin Pipeline’ as well as the sale of black-market arms to selected groups around the world.  Those who primarily benefited from these hundreds of billions of dollars annually were facing the sure loss of a great deal of their income because of Kennedy politics.

Martin Luther King entered that arena on April 4, 1967 when he took a public stand against the Vietnam War.  The Vietnam War was crucial to the flow of money from illegal businesses because it continually provided cover for the ‘Heroin Pipeline’ as well as cover for the largest share of black-market arms sales.  The ‘Heroin Pipeline’ alone was responsible for an average of about 30 billion dollars a year from the early 1960s ’til 1975 that went directly into the Meyer Lansky administered bank accounts of the Mafia.  That is the year the Vietnam War wrapped up and with it so wrapped the ‘Heroin Pipeline’.  Cocaine from South America became the major income producing illegal drug for the Mafia.

Not surprisingly but most discomforting for the CIA we now know that there is strong evidence that certain CIA employees were inside the Ambassador Hotel the night of RFK’s murder.  The domestic counterintelligence operation was headed by Richard Ober.  Does this mean that their presence proves they were part of the assassination team?  No, RFK was killed before presidential candidates were required by law to have Secret Service Protection.  The CIA did have a domestic program in the 1960s.  With no Secret Service protection and due to interests related to National Security CIA assets could have been assigned to monitor the event without ever knowing that an assassination was planned that night.  Thane Cesar was linked with Organized Crime.  His role as shooter, though clear from the circumstantial evidence, is clouded as to who contracted him for the hit, the weapon he used and the logistics of the crime.  Not that this is unknowable but the pieces of factual evidence that would shine the light of truth on the killing have been destroyed and/or corrupted by the very authorities that are supposed to enforce the laws against such criminal acts.

There is another scenario  suggesting that CIA assets were part of the assassination team. Those that have been named as being at the hotel that night are;  David Sanchez Morales, Gordon Campbell and George Joannides-former chief of psychological warfare operations for the CIA working out of JM-Wave (Formerly one of the largest CIA stations in the world based in Florida.). I first learned of Joannides interest in these matters when I investigated the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. in 1977. At that time he was the CIA liaison to the House Select Committee on Assassinations. Looking back I can understand how his real job may have been to prevent the HSCA from uncovering the truth of the murders of JFK and MLK. That would have led to finding the truth about the murder of RFK as well.

There is no doubt that covering all this up over the years has been a tremendous job and government has used every resource it has to continue it.  Organized Crime and a general acceptance of ‘our government-right or wrong still our government’ has supported the lone killer scenario.

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