CIA Forced out Richard Sprague – JFK/MLK Assassination Probe

Opinion by Gary Revel -A Little Piece of History

On March 22, 1977 I met Richard Sprague.  He was Chief Counsel of the House Select Committee on Assassinations and was committed to finding the real killers of President John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr.

In a conference room behind the walls of Brushy Mountain Prison we began the first HSCA interview of James Earl Ray.  With Chief Counsel Sprague was Deputy Chief Counsel Robert Lehner and several other investigators.  Also in the room was James Earl Ray’s attorneys Jack Kershaw and Mary Noel-Kershaw.  I was a Special Investigator.

Mr. Sprague made it clear to us all and later reaffirmed his committment to me that he wanted our help in finding the killers, whomever they might be.   He wanted to find and prosecute those that had killed JFK and MLK.

He believed that the key to uncovering the CIA’s involvement in the crimes would be found via subpoenas for all materials related to the murders that the CIA possessed.  That included all documents, photographs, transcripts, recordings and memos of CIA officials pertaining to any aspect of the entire matter at hand.  He especially was interested in those items from the CIA Station in Mexico City where E. Howard Hunt had been such an influence so many years.

He flew back to Washington D.C. that day and one week later on March 29, 1977 I took a call for Jack Kershaw in his law office (he was in court) from the HSCA.  It was from a woman with the Committe asking for James Earl Ray’s attorney, Jack Kershaw.  I told her he wasn’t available but I coud take a message.   She told me to please be advised that Chief Counsel Richard Sprague had resigned.  She went on to say that we would not want to  speak to him again, about the case, as he was no longer associated with the Committee in any way.  I would later learn that the CIA had forced him out.

Robert G. Blakey became the new Chief Counsel and the zeal for finding the real killers disappeared with Sprague.

It wasn’t long before the CIA made their presence felt in the ‘tampering of evidence’ arena.  Regis Blahut,  a CIA Security Agent was assigned to the HSCA by the CIA.  I never knew why since they were refusing to provide the documents we wanted anyway but I digress.  Regis Blahut’s fingerprints were soon found on the safe that contained much of the JFK assassination evidence and on JFK’s autopsy photographs.  In several different interviews and confrontations with HSCA members and staffers he readily admitted to leafing through evidence folders and reporting back to CIA personnel as to some of his observations.  He never admitted cracking into the safe or taking photos and other evidence out of their protective sleeves (even though his fingerprints on them proved he did).  Nothing else happened to him regardless of this criminal activity on his part.

I think now that had Richard Sprague still been Chief Counsel at this time things would have turned out differently.

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