Panelists for the TRUTH CRUSHED TO EARTH Discussion Panels

Panelists for the TRUTH CRUSHED TO EARTH Discussion Panels:

Attorney/Author Mark Lane (Code Name Zorro, Murder In Memphis, Rush To Judgement-Screenwriter-Executive Action-James Earl Ray Attorney)

Rev. Walter Fauntroy (Congressman and Chairman House Select Sub-Committee on Assassinations)

Judge Arthur J. Hanes (Judge,James Earl Ray Attorney)

Attorney/Author James Lesar (Whitewash IV, President and Co-Founder of the Assassination Archives and Research Center, James Earl Ray Attorney)

Performing: Author/Recording Artist/Special Investigator Gary Revel {To Live or Maybe Not, Milestones, They Slew The Dreamer)

Radio Hosts: Michael Coard-WURD, Earl Caldwell-WBAI, Larry Steele-WPUL, Gladys L. Brooks-WPFW

Check back often as scheduling is still in the planning stage and subject to change.

For more information or to order the audio book contact:

Nona Farrar

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