Book Review of Chilled Over Ice

This is a book review of:
Chilled Over Ice
Five Stars:

I had to write a review on this book. Chilled Over Ice is so much more
than a page turner, it truly engages the reader. The story transported
me into the pages of the book as events unfolded. The cast of characters
are so well developed that even when the book ends, there are numerous
directions to continue with the story or branch off with new stories
from many of the characters.

The initial crime is female on female rape which I would have never
considered outside a jail/prison facility. Ms. Jordan, the author, has
such a deep character development that the criminals may even branch off
with their own series. This is NOT a lesbian, gay, erotic book but a
certifiable suspense/mystery.

Even though the editing could have been better it did not take away from
the power, suspense, mystery and fast pace of the story. I am eagerly
awaiting the next book from Ms. Jordan.

Purchase this book you will not be disappointed.

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