Victims of Communism by Gabriel Gherasim on Kindle

Victims of Communism and Their Persecutors proposes a model of restorative justice in order to repair the damage created by 94 years of (neo) Communist crimes and persecutions. It is an analysis from a mediator’s, facilitator’s and negotiator’s perspective, the Communist crimes, in terms of emotions, intentions, actions and reasons, with both the victims’ and the perpetrators’ testimony, of what is commonly called in Europe the Red Holocaust, with particular focus on Romania. It goes to the sources of intergroup conflicts, its cognitive factors, its implications for understanding and will make some recommendations for compensatory resolutions. It does that by presenting an overview of several micro and macro-level approaches to understanding the origins, the nature and the dynamics of this conflict, as well as, of possible healing. It details several psychological, social, economical, political, systemic, and cultural perspectives that have led to and are still making innocent victims, from Cuba to China, in the name of Marxism and of the Communist Party.

Without the condemnation of the Communist ideology and crimes, by the world at large, and without the inclusion of educational programs in schools all over the world, on the destructive premises of false sociology that Communism has been propagating from 1800’s Marxism to 2011 Chinese, N. Korean or Cuban dictatorships, the world will learn nothing from its crimes, and will therefore expose itself to new abuses based on similar criminal ideologies. In fact, in 2010, in the same year Georgia took down Stalin’s statue in Grozni, America raised a statue of Stalin in Bedford Virginia, courtesy of the D-Day Memorial Foundation. It seems that without unequivocal and unilateral condemnation of Communism, including in the United States, the survivors of Communist atrocities, including the political and the religious refugees to this country, -such as my father-, still have to live with the idyllic explication of their torturers, and persecutors, as somehow being “justified liberators.”