Jongleur Music Pictures mounting Whole Lotta Love

The Gary Revel company ;  Jongleur Music Pictures is developing the Carlo Simone penned screenplay, ‘Whole Lotta Love’, for production and distribution as a romantic comedy feature film.  The project is attached to Ty Walker-Producer and Bill Sachs-Director with a budget of about 6 million dollars.

Bill Sachs, of Leprechaun fame, also has an option on Gary’s story of his investigation of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.   The story follows Gary as he faces danger, intrigue and convoluted juxtapositions in his quest for the truth of who killed MLK.

Other projects being developed by Jongleur Pictures include;

The Gypsy Prince, screenplay by Gabriel Gherasim

Chilled Over Ice, based on the fiction novel by Toya Jordan
Producer-Lawrence Ayers attached and screenplay being written by Vahram Hakobyan

A Sultana Story, Historical Fiction based on the tragic explosion of the steamship Sultana shortly after the end of the Civil War
Screenplay being written by Gary Revel

Polka Dots, the story of the assassination of Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy

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