George A Rodetis new book The Accursed Soul of John Kakourgos

For most of his life George A. Rodetis knew he wanted to pursue his dream of a career in art and education. He is a first generation Greek-American of parents who immigrated to the United Sates in 1918, where they met and married. Like the main character Alexios in his new book The Accursed Soul of John Kakourgos, they came from the Greek Islands, Hios and Paros.

George worked as an artist, and earned his Ph.D. He has taught art history for over thirty years at in Universities of Illinois, Arizona, and California. His Greek lineage influences all of his work.

Following his retirement, he led art history tours to Greece, France and Italy and continus to paint and produce wood block prints. After years of writing professional articles in art journals, he began writing fiction based on the stories he heard as a child and is in the process of writing a historical fiction piece about the early life of the 16th century painter El Greco. The illustrations in his new Grecian Adventure story, as well as his future project, are his original works. Mr. Rodetis currently resides in San Francisco, California.

The book tell the story of the young man, Alexios, Having grown up in the shelter of his home and family on the idyllic Greek island of Hios, young Alexios has dreams, of seeing more of the world that lies beyond.

Against the wishes of an autocratic father and worries of his loving mother and sister, Alexios begins a journey that will take him to the mysterious shores of Anatolia. His quest for fortune and glory presents the challenge of evading danger in a land where bitter rivalries between politics, religion and cultures exists. He soon finds himself at the foreboding and cursed estate of the nobleman John of Trebizond. The noble John had selfishly betrayed his people in a time when the invading Ottoman Empire took over the land now known as Turkey. When confronted with the tormented spirit of this Nobleman, John Kakourgos (John the evil one), Alexios must gather the courage, that he did not know he possessed, to face the ghostly specter and meet a demand, without regard to the potential loss of his own soul.

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