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Kennedy giving his speech on Martin Luther Kin...
Kennedy giving his speech on Martin Luther King, Jr.. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Dream Killers: The Television/Mini Series


Jongleur Music Pictures is developing Dream Killers: The Television Series


The television program will show how the killings of JFK, MLK and RFK had like-minded motive and opportunity. President John F. Kennedy, Nobel Peace Prize Winner Martin Luther King Jr., and Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy were killed by those who demanded the continuation of the Vietnam War at any cost. Hatred of these three by some CIA executives and operatives, the Mafia and extreme Hawks who were strong supporters of continuing the Vietnam War made the killings possible and the cover-ups absolutely necessary to their holding on to the power they held.


JFK was killed in Dallas, Texas, MLK was killed in Memphis, Tennessee and RFK was killed in Los Angeles, California.


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Gary Revel