Episcopalian Hospital Denies Treatment for Lack of Money

My son, Curtise Revel has been diagnosed with Pharyngeal Squamous Cell Cancer.

Curtise went to St. Lukes Episcopal Hospital in Woodlands Texas; the emergency department on August 6, 2012. The emergency room doctor could have admitted Curtise and ordered the tests to find the Cancer then but he was rude and mean to my son and sent him away with the comment of ‘How are you going to pay this bill.’ I am sorely disappointed with St. Lukes and wonder how they use the Episcopal name at all.

Doctors are now saying that he’s probably had it for over a year. He’s been to the doctor several times in the last year with complaints of migraine headaches and loss of hearing; symptoms of the very Cancer he has????

I am not a happy camper right now.

The PATIENT BILL OF RIGHTS is a Law enacted by US Congress that no patient can be denied treatment even if they don’t have insurance Or means to pay for it? Denying a US Citizen life saving treatment is CRIMINAL.

If you are an MD please respect the fact that your patient is a human being and treat them with kindness and generosity for someday you may be on the other side of the relationship.