Rent Money in Development at Jongleur Music Pictures

Rent Money in Development at Jongleur Music Pictures.

Rent Money in Development at Jongleur Music Pictures


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For Immediate Release: Monday, September 3 , 2012

Los Angeles, CA USA

Gary Revel, CEO of JONGLEUR MUSIC & MOVIES PRODUCTIONS is developing Beverly Gandara’s comedy script RENT MONEY, winner of the Golden Palm Award for best script at the 2012 International Beverly Hills Film Festival. He owns Jongleur Music Pictures, Jongleur Music and Jongleur Music Book Publishing and is a partner in Riant Records. He recently entered into an agreement with Beverly Gandara, writer of RENT MONEY, to develop the screenplay for production. Beverly has several contest placed scripts and stated, “I am honored to be working with Mr. Revel and his team in the development of Rent Money for motion picture production.”

Along with being sole-proprietor of his businesses Gary is a Songwriter, Musician, Recording Artist, Producer, Writer and Publisher and has over 20 motion pictures in development with over 30 years experience in the entertainment business.

Lawrence Ayers, President of Jongleur Music Pictures will work with Gary and other producers in the development of the movie.

Joining the project in the lead role is Greer Bishop a multi-talented young actress with many fine performances to her credit. Her acting coach from her college days was recently asked about her acting and said, ‘She can do anything.”

The cast will also include the fine veteran actor, Jack Knight.

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