Good Guys Don’t Setup Gun Fights Around Children

Are more guns the answer? Last year more police officers were killed by gunfire than in automobile accidents according to recent statistics. These police were trained and armed as well as one could expect any security guard at a school to be. Clearly putting armed security guards at schools will not solve the problem. Anyone who has ever been in a real gunfight will tell you there is no guaranteed outcome. There is no guarantee the good guy will get the bad guy. Sometimes the bad guy gets the good guy. So as far as the garbage that the National Rifle Association‘s Wayne Lapierre (the NRA) was dishing out we know by these statistics that he is supporting those who make lots of money selling guns like Walmart and not speaking for what’s best for the safety of our children.

December 14, 2012 changed my perspective so much that I realized I could not continue to sit by and watch my country go back to the Wild West era where gun fights were a common and necessary part of the fabric of our society. Wayne Lapierre’s suggestion to put armed guards in our schools is irresponsible to the point of barbarism. Many NRA members are canceling their membership and cutting up their membership cards due to the NRA’s inactivity and not taking action to prevent another Sandy Hook massacre of children. More guns leads to more military grade weapons being owned by people who won’t keep them out of the hands of dangerous people. More guns is not the answer and thoughtful responsible people will know this and work together to make this a safer America for our children.

The UK has more stringent gun control laws than the US does and their homicide rate is only a little over 1% where our homicide rate is over 4%. Reinstating the AWB-Assault Weapons Ban will keep our children safer and be a step in the right direction to lower the homicide rate in America.

Once the NRA establishes the fact that every individual needs to have a gun for self-protection then like food, housing, medical care and emergency phone service, owning a gun may become an entitlement that the tax payer has to pay for. Walmart, the NRA and gun manufactures will profit from this misguided policy and America will become as lawless as once was the Wild Wild West. No city, suburb or even gated community would ever be a safe place to live and have a family again.

There are over 4 million NRA members. Wayne Lapierre doesn’t speak for them all. Many are cutting up their cards and getting out now. Setting up situations so that there are gun fights with powerful military grade weapons in schools is simply irresponsible and not anything a ‘good guy’ would support.

“Good Guys” don’t allow situations to develop so that there are gun fights with small children nearby.



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