Funeral for Curtise Revel

The Funeral for Curtise Revel is February 16th at 10 a.m. We are having a

graveside service at McNutt Funeral Home/Conroe Memorial Park in Conroe,

Texas and then a celebration of his life at the home of his sister, Mary Noel

Revel, in Shenandoah, Texas. In lieu of flowers we are asking for donations to

cover the costs of his funeral and passing as he had no insurance. The Revel

Family is so very thankful to all that have shared their thoughts, prayers and

gifts. Curtise died about 2:45 AM, Thursday, February 7, with his Mother, Linda

Revel and sister Mary Noel Revel standing by his bed and holding his hands. He

was only 38 years old. He had been diagnosed with Terminal Stage 4 Cancer

only a few months before his death. He leaves his father, Gary Revel , mother

Linda Revel, brothers, Gary Revel Jr. and Sonny Revel , sisters, Mary Noel

Revel, Elisabeth Revel and Rebecca Revel-Buglehall, a daughter Cathrynn

Solomon and a son also named Sonny Revel named after his brother Sonny.

Curtise’s friends have shown their love and support from all over the country

and the world during his bout with Cancer and now at his passing.

He also leaves eight nieces and nephews; Kaila Rahne Lewis , Elisabeth Ashley ,

Hannah Lezynski , Jacob Gurule, Nathan Gurule, Ariel Revel-Marella , Olivia

Buglehall and Jayden who all love and miss him very much.

His ex-wife April Tindol has also stood by him during his last days. Hundreds of

friends and fans of his music have been so devoted and helpful to him and his

family as well.

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