Texas; Worst of Worst for Health Care in the USA

My son, Curtise Revel, died of Stage 4 Cancer at 38 years of age in Texas. Texas Counties and Municipalities carry the brunt of our broken Health Care System in Texas.  Texas is the worst of the worst when it comes to Health Care in the United States of America.  Governor Richard Perry has turned down millions of dollars from the Affordable Care Act because of the greed and bigotry of Ultra Right-Wing Conservatives.

My son would have had a 70% chance of surviving the Cancer had he been diagnosed and treated sooner.  Several months went by from the time he first went to the doctor with symptoms until he died and even though some treatment was given it was clear to the doctors that it was probably too late.

Curtise would have had a better chance of surviving the Cancer in any other state in the United States and even in many far less prosperous nations around the world.

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