Katherine Jackson to Testify

Katherine Jackson, mother of Michael Jackson, due to testify in the 40 billion dollar Wrongful Death trial in the case against AEG Live. The true story of the music, career and life of Michael Jackson, Don’t Stop Dancing, is in development at Jongleur Music Pictures. The screenplay is written by Jordan Tate and Gary Revel who began his investigation of the Jackson Empire in 1993 at the request of 2 producers who claimed fans had been chronically denied the truth about the Jackson 5 and Michael’s music, career and life. The estate of Michael Jackson which primarily benefits the children, Prince, Paris and Blanket Jackson, stands to receive up to 40 billion dollars or possibly even more in a judgement from the court.


Re: Don’t Stop Dancing; true life story of Michael Jackson based on the Gary Revel investigation.





Gary Revel circa 1975