Open Appeal From Brian Cook: Black on Black Crime

An excerpt from the open appeal from Brian Cook to African Americans and related peoples and communities throughout the USA. The appeal comes as the nation struggles with the outcome of the killing of Trayvon Martin and Black on Black crime ravaging the youth of our cities.

Posted by Gary Revel
…The city of Chicago needs the spiritual healing and prayer revivals all across the city. The wars of Black on Black crime hurt us as a people. All of the leaders of these gangs need to come to the bargaining table and resolve their differences. The issue of what happened to Trayvon Martin should serve as a warning sign to the folks that something more sinister is taking place in America and unity is what is needed from all the Black people of Chicago and every other city that is still experiencing Black on Black crime. It starts in the neighborhoods and spreads all over. We need the mothers and fathers to band together and march through those neighborhoods along with the Preachers and Imams. Together and spark some love and understanding to the lost souls of violence. Our people can chose a better way. Let the children have a peaceful life and teach them right. Brothers and sisters please put your guns away and join hands in prayer and salutation. The very existence and survival of our race depend on your support. What the hell is going on??? Do you really want to kill off your own race of people??? How can you kill then love when you go home looking your Black family in the face and celebrate holidays after killing another Black family’s children??? Where is the logic in that??? How can you march in the Black pride parades or even speak on issues of Blackness when you are the reason for problems facing us??? It is you Black man that must make this change. You have the power to stop this conflict. You know who you are and you can do this. From one Black man to another, I appeal to your inner soul, to stop the killing of our people. I love you all and I hope you just end this path of destruction. We can do things differently. We can eat food together. We can make money together. We can build together. We can learn together. We can pray together. We don’t need President Obama to tell us to love each other. We can do this ourselves!!!!

Brian Cook