William Sachs, HOLLYWOOD FIXER-article by Bob Wilson

When the clock strikes midnight and you want some escapist viewing, there are only so many places that you can turn to with confidence. It takes both a keen eye and a vivid imagination to transport you to that special movie twilight zone that is so much fun to visit. William Sachs delivers time after time in his films, whether originals or fixers. In Sachs’ direction, he has you follow the pocket watch until you’re chasing Leprechauns and you always get the pot of gold by the end of the film. When you put Galaxina in your DVD player late at night, you’ve hit warp drive for campy fun. I’ll stand in line in the rain to see anything Sachs releases.



Known as the ‘Hollywood Fixer’ for being the one Hollywood employs to ‘FIX’ movies that otherwise would have never seen a final edit much less any kind of release. Further he wrote/produced and/or directed over 20 movies with a surprising number of actors who were or became Oscar Award Winners and/or A-List stars. Among them:


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