The Adventures of Donald the Trumpbird

Jongleur Music Book Publishing does Donald the Trumpbird ..

When Donald the Trumpbird was just a little tweeter he promised his father that someday he would save Red Bird Forest from the Bark Beetles. This is the story of how he grew up and took on the enormous challenge to save a dying and disappearing Red Bird Forest from the Bark Beetle. He found that he could not do it alone and could not even do it with his fellow Red Birds. He had to reach out for help to many other birds, owls, hawks and other winged creatures in order to accomplish what he had to accomplish the feat. This amazing story, in the book, The Adventures of Donald the Trumpbird, tells how a determined and persevering individual can work with others, much like Donald Trump did to win the presidency, in order to save a community from disaster. Written by William Dandurand, edited by Naomi Kibe-Revel and Gary Revel and published by Jongleur Music Book Publishing.

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