Joan of Arc-In The Flames

by Sculptor Jack Kershaw.

Jack Kershaw, Sculptor of Joan of Arc-In The Flames: Jack became associated with a group of intellectuals who called themselves the ‘Fugitive Poets’ of Vanderbilt in the 1920’s. This group of students who also were significantly involved in the ‘Fellowship of Southern Writers’ would go on to make a great impact of how the history of the south would be told. The Fugitive is considered to be one of the most influential publications in the history of American letters. The Fugitives made Vanderbilt a fountainhead of the New Criticism, the dominant mode of textual analysis in English during the first half of the twentieth century. Included in this group among the most notable Fugitives were John Crowe Ransom, Allen Tate, John Crow, Merrill Moore, Donald Davidson, William Ridley Wills, Robert Penn Warren, Andrew Lytle, Cleanth Brooks, and the poet Laura Riding.

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