Zombie Drug: Burundanga (mix of scopolamine and atropine)

Burundanga (mix of scopolamine and atropine) renders its ingesters into disoriented zombies (awake and talkative but powerless to resist orders) and is believed to be used by criminals and rapists to cause people to become like robots, easily taken advantage of and used in anyway the controllers desire. It is sometimes termed a “zombie powder” and is also used as a date rape drug. At higher doses, the drug can cause disorientation, memory loss, hallucinations, and convulsion, and its effects can last for days. Burundanga-drugged victims have reportedly been found days after they’ve gone missing, wandering aimlessly with no clear idea of what happened to them. Those under its influence have been known to empty their bank accounts, and even to act as drug mules. Typically, the drug is slipped into the food or drink of intended victims, or is packed into cigarettes or sticks of gum which are then offered to the targets. Even placed on a business card or some other item handed to a person can achieve the enslavement of the victim.