Most Muslim people are not Terrorists

Most Muslim people are not terrorists or even radicalized to the extent that they support terrorism.
I have come to the defense of Islam many times here in America because of this. However, because of the growth of radicalization of Muslim people and the teaching of young children and young men and women that they should kill all those who don’t accept Islam as the only true religion we must all be careful how we deal with this matter.
Sharia Law and other Islamic Law in Muslim countries … Women not allowed to drive … If you say anything bad about Muhammad you are executed. Young girls and women are subject to honor killings, even here in the United States by Muslim fathers, brothers and elders in America’s Islamic culture. Little girls are subjected to genital mutilation, over 500,000 girls here in the US who live in Muslim homes are subject to having their genitals cut off and their vagina sewn up because Islamic teaching says it’s a moral necessity. Women are beaten by their husbands according to Islamic law as long as the rod is no thicker than your thumb. 9 year old girls are married, against their will, to men according to Islamic law. Gay men are thrown off buildings and if a woman is raped she must have 4 men testify that she was raped in court to get a conviction of the rapist. Grown women are not allowed to go outside their house without permission from their husband or father and must be accompanied by her husband or another male member of her family. Young women, even here in the US are victims of honor killings by male members of their family who believe the woman is better off dead than being a bad Muslim.
No other religion goes so far as to say those who don’t agree with their interpretation of who God is should be killed. All good Muslim people really need to start dealing with that within their own populations. The teachings of the Quran have to be clarified so that all Muslim people understand that killing anyone just because of their fundamental religious belief is certainly not a teaching from our loving God. It is a perversion of God’s will brought by Satan through self-proclaimed prophets that do not speak for God or Allah or any other name that is known for our Creator.