Serial Killers do John F Kennedy-Martin Luther King Jr.-Robert F Kennedy

English: Attorney General Kennedy and Rev. Dr....
English: Attorney General Kennedy and Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., 22 June 1963, Washington, D.C. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Opinion of Former Special Investigator Gary Revel related to the killings of President John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr. and Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy.

Former CIA Case Officer Leutrell (Mike) Osborne recently sent an email to Gary Revel requesting clarification of Gary’s post about the lack of credible evidence in connecting the bullet that killed Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy and the patsy Sirhan Sirhan.  The former CIA Case Officer believes there may be more to this. In order to address that and show a further connection between the methods used in the killing of President John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr. and Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy Gary replied with the following.

A serial killer kills with methods that can be used as evidence to link him or her to the crimes he or she commits.  In the case of the three most fantastic crimes of the past century there is one certain and fact based connection that is obvious but has been ignored by the Justice Department (where’s the justice), the FBI (where’s the investigation} and the local police departments relevant to the murders (Memphis Police Department, Dallas Police Department and Los Angeles Police Department).  Oh yes, and all the major news organizations in the good ol’ US of A have demurred from the evidence as well.  I refer to the problem in each case of matching the murder weapons with their respective fatal bullets.

In the case of JFK’s murder the bullet that killed him blew his brains out and only fragments of it were found thus there was no match made.  The most likely killer of JFK is Lucien Sarti.

In the case of MLK’s murder the bullet that was taken out of his back has been tested numerous times and the gun has been test fired at least 20 times in attempts to match it with the death bullet all without success.  To this day the bullet doesn’t match the long heralded James Earl Ray rifle that government officials and major news organizations proclaim as the ‘murder weapon’. The most likely killer of MLK is ‘Raoul’.

In RFK’s murder the bullet that bounced around and fragmented inside RFK’s head was supposedly matched to a gun, but not Sirhan Sirhan’s. That bullet was too fragmented to get a match but in fact according to the LAPD investigation they matched it anyway along with 2 other bullets causing nonlethal wounds and taken from RFK’s body.  The problem is that the match was to a gun that has a serial number of H 18602.  Sirhan’s gun has a serial number of H 53725.  The most likely killer of RFK is Thane Eugene Cesar.

Have you ever wondered why the defense attorneys didn’t use this information for the defense of their clients who were wrongly convicted of these assassinations (In Oswald’s case they just killed him without so much as even a hearing.).  The reason James Earl Ray and Sirhan Sirhan didn’t get a fair trial or have the opportunity to use the facts related to the bullets as evidence in their defense is that the court proceeding was part of the conspiracy to cover up the truth of the murders.  Pulling this off requires a combined effort of US Government over-sight with help from Organized Crime.

It is clear to me that we can label these three murders as ‘Serial Killings’ in that the one and the same criminal conspiracy that killed one of them killed the others.  Persons who are not responsible for these murders are Lee Harvey Oswald, James Earl Ray and Sirhan Sirhan.

‘Serial Killers’ do RFK Continued-Possible CIA Connection

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Gary Revel


One thought on “Serial Killers do John F Kennedy-Martin Luther King Jr.-Robert F Kennedy

  1. In the period 1977-78, I was a 22-24 yo maitre’d of La Camargue in Philadelphia where Mr Sprague used to frequent. He came in late one night looking tired and hungry, but the kitchen staff had left. He stood looking at the empty room, his feet unable to move. A second passed when I replied, I’d be happy to prepare you something simple Mr. Sprague. He was sat and had his meal. Around the same period, Coretta Scott King came in with 7 others. I had no idea at the time what Mr Sprague was doing, until the 1990s. He had probably recommended us to Mrs King who after eating I asked if she would meet the staff in the kitchen. At first the man who paid the bill said it was late, but Mrs King then said to me, “take me back.” She went to the kitchen and from her purse handed out bible tracks to the young men who made her dinner; the quintessential Southern Baptist minister’s wife. She was a lovely woman–a presense without pretence and figure of American history. I’ve wanted to ask him if he remembered so long ago. JW

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