Evidence of FBI involvement in the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. includes spying and harassment of MLK

As I investigated the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. in 1977 one thing became perfectly clear. J. Edgar Hoover did everything he could do to make sure King was killed and made sure a complete coverup was executed to never let it be ‘legally found’ there was anyone to blame for the killing except James Earl Ray. The other thing I found was that he didn’t do a good job with the coverup.

He had ordered William Sullivan, who was Director of Domestic Intelligence, to execute a campaign of spying and harassing the Civil Rights leader. The Atlanta FBI office had what was loosely called a Destroy King Squad. It was called that by the members of the squad in reference to what they were doing each day.

They wiretapped King’s phones, sent spies to monitor his movements, and spy on him; his family, his fellow ministers, and associates.

They strategized moves against him at particular times, that historically become clear signs of their operation. An example of that is how he spoke publicly, against the Vietnam War, on April 4, 1967, at the Riverside Church in New York. Then on April 4, 1968, exactly one year later, King was assassinated, in a very public way, as he stood on the balcony, just outside the door of his room.

One of the revealing operations, demonstrating harassment and spying, was the FBI sent King an audio recording. The tape had been made, by the FBI, in a hotel room, in which King was having a sexual affair, with a woman, not Coretta, his wife. Along with the tape recording was a letter. In the letter, the FBI threatened King with a release of the tape to news organizations, thus destroying his ministry and credibility as a Reverend and Civil Rights Leader, and putting a blemish and asterisk to his Nobel Peace Prize win. The FBI said in the letter that King may as well kill himself. The threat continued with taunts that the FBI had more of such recordings and evidence of King’s sexual affairs.

Please see below most of the letter, little has been redacted, that came with a package including audio recordings of what was supposed to be MLK having a sexual affair in a motel room. The package was delivered to Coretta, King’s wife, and later an identical package was delivered to King, himself.

The FBI agents, who were part of this Destroy King Squad, eventually would leap for joy, shouting, “We got him, we got him!” with the news that King had been shot and killed in Memphis.

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