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Gary Revel

Born: June 29, 1949

Florala, Alabama USA

In New York Times – Special Investigator Gary Revel at Work – 1977

James Earl Ray with Special Investigator Gary Revel, 1977

This article is about Gary Neal Revel: Born in Florala, Alabama, June 29, 1949. A singer/songwriter, recording artist, author, digital artist, pastor, founder of Gary Revel Ministries Media Church, founder of Mother Nature Festival Live Inc, President of Jongleur Pictures LLC, and Special Investigator who investigated the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. Gary Revel is the 4th child and 3rd son of Leamon Curtis Revel and Martha Marie Mitchell-Revel.

|name = Gary Revel | birth_name = Gary Neal Revel | birth_date = June 29, 1949 | birth_place = Florala, Alabama, U.S.

Gary Neal Revel (June 29, 1949 – present) is a songwriter, a US Navy, Vietnam War Veteran, a former undercover Special Investigator with the law office of Jack Kershaw in NashvilleTennessee who, in association with the HSCA, United States House Select Committee on Assassinations investigated the assassinations of Martin Luther King Jr.President John F. Kennedy. Revel is best known for finding the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. and assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1968 and 1963 respectively, were not, done by James Earl Ray and Lee Harvey Oswald respectfully, as historically established. Revel claims his investigation found that the assassinations were executed by a team of assassins working with the Mafia and certain members of United States Government agencies including the FBI and CIA. During his undercover work as a Special Investigator on the case he wrote, recorded and released the song/single record “They Slew the Dreamer”[1] and was quoted in the book, Who Really Killed Martin Luther King Jr. by author Phillip F. Nelson.[2] Revel found evidence that led him to continue his investigations of high-profile assassinations and related public figures.

Revel is also an author, singer, musician, songwriter, recording artist, filmmaker, publisher, member of ASCAP American Society of Composers Authors and Publishers. He is President of Jongleur Pictures LLC. He is a member of the board of directors and founder of Mother Nature Festival Live Inc., a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit corporation.

Revel was pictured with James Earl Ray in the obituary story of Jack Kershaw, in the New York Times.[3] Arise TV did an interview with Revel in 2021 that made public facts related to his various high-profile investigations and some of his findings.


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Early life

Gary Neal Revel was born on June 29, 1949 in FloralaAlabama a small town on the Florida/Alabama state line in Northwest, Florida. His mother divorced his dad when he was 5 years old. Soon after the divorce his mother moved the family to Niceville Florida, where she owned and operated a bar (beer joint). Revel was in the bar on the night his mother accidentally shot and killed a man. The man she killed had been protecting her from an attempted homicide. The pistol she used to defend herself misfired the first 2 times she pulled the trigger. Her attempt to shoot the attacker resulted in the death of her friend and protector, as in a panic, the pistol fired the third time she pulled the trigger. She was arrested and held for a few months, until the charges were dismissed. Revel went to live with friends and family while she was in jail. On release his mother moved the family to Dunedin, Florida. He grew up in Florida, with occasional stays in Alabama and graduated high school at Holmes County High School in Bonifay, Florida. He taught himself guitar at age 15 and soon formed a rock and roll band named The Shades or The Shades of Blue. At 17-years-old, Revel was on Congressman Robert Sykes list of proposed candidates to be nominated to attend the US Naval Academy. At 18-years-old, Revel enlisted in the United States Navy, during the Vietnam War. While in Recruit Training at Naval Training Center in San Diego, California Revel was summoned to the Personnel Office where he was told his congressman, Robert Sykes had written and called requesting Revel be considered for Officer Training. Revel continued as an enlisted man while also preparing for a career as an officer. As he fulfilled the military requirements needed, he completed sonar, intermediate electronics, naval intelligence, and other related schools and training. After a little over 2 years, from August 1967 until September 1969, Revel received an honorable discharge. Due to classified operations Revel says he can’t discuss details of some of the missions he undertook. After his discharge, Revel moved from San DiegoCalifornia to Hollywood, California.


1969–1980: Early Career

In Hollywood Revel composed, performed on and coproduced the soundtrack for the movie “The Last of the American Hoboes” [4], which was featured in Britt, Iowa at the National Hobo Convention for many years following. In 1972 he moved to New York City, Memphis, Tennessee and then Nashville, Tennessee where he was a songwriter and recording artist with music published by Milene Music Inc. of Acuff-Rose Music an ASCAP American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers company now owned by Sony Music Publishing. His first single record in Nashville was “Little Did We Know” (The ballad of Stingbean and Estelle Akeman) released on Rebel Records, an independent record label based in Nashville, Tennessee. He had several independent releases in Hollywood, California, before this, as well as the soundtrack album he had coproduced, written and performed on. His next single release on the Rebel label was “Peanut Man”. The song was written by his wife, Linda Revel, and himself. It was a song which had a tongue-in-cheek take on President Jimmy Carter who was a peanut farmer before and during his political career. Revel formed Jongleur Music and Star City Records Inc. in 1979 and released his album, Revel, on the Star City Records Inc. label. In 1977 Revel was asked into the James Earl Ray case of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. He met James Earl Ray at Brushy Mountain Prison, Petros Tennessee, and started his investigation. On March 22nd, 1977 Revel met with Richard Sprague, Chief Counsel of the United States House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) at Brushy Mountain Prison and received a commission from Sprague to work undercover in a Special Investigation to uncover all evidence, facts and documents related to the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr.

(exclusive-1977 in association with the United States House Select Committee on Assassinations)

In 1977, Revel investigated the case against James Earl Ray, who had been sentenced to 99 years in prison for his role in the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Charged with firing the shot that killed Dr. King on April 4, 1968, at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee, Ray was pleaded guilty by his attorney Percy Foreman in 1969 and the next day wrote a letter to the Judge William Battle disavowing the guilty plea and asking for a trial. Revel agreed with the United States House Select Committee on Assassinations that the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. was ‘probably a conspiracy’ but went further to say he found that Ray was not in the rooming house where the shot had been attributed as coming from and could not have fired the shot the killed Martin Luther King Jr.. He claims the evidence uncovered in the MLK assassination investigation led him to the JFK assassination. Both assassinations were mandated by the HSCA United States House Select Committee on Assassinations which led to him following the leads he developed. He found that both assassinations were done by a team of assassins and not the persons so thought of as the killers.


On February 7, 1980 Revel moved back to Hollywood, California. In Hollywood, he founded a Christian Counseling Service, “Friend’s Indeed”. Revel participated in street ministry efforts, partnering with Kleg Seth, the First Southern Baptist Church of Hollywood, California, the First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood, and other street ministries. He wrote, recorded and released the single record “Bound to Lose” on Plain Wrap Records. Shortly after that he recorded and released “River Bottom Road”. He then formed Top’s Records and hired Irfan Mirza as an executive in his company who helped in the production of his next single, “PacMan on Her Mind” and “Wouldn’t It Be Nice”. In 1985 Revel recorded the song “Hollywood Star” in the Capitol Records recording studios in Hollywood. Revel received a Humanitarian Award for his work from the Southern California Motion Picture Council. Revel moved from Hollywood to Canoga Park in 1986. Revel formed a partnership with William Dandurand to develop the business and marketing of Dandurand’s patented invention, the Bike Grip Board. Revel founded Revel Management, managing music and acting talent. One of those he managed, Willie Hutch (Hutchinson) was a writer on the song, “I’ll Be There”. Mariah Carey recorded the song and it became a number one hit on Billboard. Revel managed Ben Brown, who was one of Michael Jackson’s first music producers from Gary, Indiana. Revel co-managed a deal which resulted in the release of “I’m a Big Boy Now”, the first Jackson music recording which had been originally released on Steel Town Records in Gary, Indiana. Revel managed Eddie Reynoza, who was a dancer/actor. He had been an acquaintance of Michael Jackson and OJ Simpson. The LAPD required statements from Eddie regarding the activities involving his association with Michael Jackson and OJ Simpson. Revel finished his religious studies and founded Gary Revel Ministries church, February 6, 2001. He spent the next few years pastoring the church, writing Christian Music and performing music concerts. Revel formed Jongleur Music Book Publishers and published his first book, “To Live or Maybe Not”, a memoir.

2007 – Present

Revel moved from Los Angeles California to Killeen, Texas. He expanded his Jongleur Music publishing company to include the Jongleur Books (a book publishing company), Jongleur Music production, Jongleur Music label, Jongleur music distribution and Jongleur Pictures, a filmmaking development company. He edited and published “Black Man in the CIA”, the memoir of Leutrell (Mike) Osborne, a former CIA Case Manager and on retirement a high-level employee of the United States Government. Revel has published over 100 books and has over 20 feature motion pictures in development. Jongleur Music has over a dozen recording artists, several composers/songwriters and regularly drops new releases.

Revel was born in Florala, Alabama and his mother divorced his father when he was 5 years old. He grew up in Florida and Alabama and graduated high school in 1967 from Holmes County High School in Bonifay, Florida. He enlisted in the US Navy in August, 1967 and served during the Vietnam War until he was honorably discharged, September of 1969. He took a taxi from San Diego to Hollywood, California and soon was making his first music recordings at Capitol Records studios on Hollywood and Vine Streets in Hollywood, California. From Hollywood, California to New York City and then Memphis, Tennessee and Nashville, Tennessee, Gary pursued his music career.

Special Investigator, Gary Revel, delivers his final report on his investigations of the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy and Nobel Peace Prize Winner and Civil Rights Leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Personal Life

Revel married Linda Marie Willis, January 23, 1973. They have 6 children and 10 grandchildren. The children are: Gary Neal Revel Jr., Mary Noel Revel, Curtise Leamon Revel, Rebecca Ann Revel, Elsabeth Marie Revel, and Sonny Americas Revel.

In Nashville he partnered with Attorneys Jack Kershaw and Jack’s wife, Mary Noel-Kershaw. He began writing songs for the Acuff-Rose music publishing company and did part-time investigative work for the Jack Kershaw law firm.

Jack Kershaw, was retained by James Earl Ray in late 1976, to petition courts for a trial by jury, in the case against him, for the shooting and killing of Martin Luther King Jr. At that time the United States House Select Committee on Assassinations began its work to investigate the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy and the Nobel Peace Prize Winner and Civil Rights Leader, Martin Luther King Jr. Revel associated with the Kershaw firm and with the HSCA in the quest for a final resolution of who killed JFK and MLK Jr.

Revel finalized his report on the entire matter, in 2022, and submitted that, Final Report, to the United States Government and the Congress and other US Government Agencies and Departments that were of interest.

Gary Revel Discography

  • Since He’s Been Gone bw I’ll Follow the Wind (single)
  • Treat America Like a Lady (single)
  • Let Those Bridges Burn bw There’s No Depression In Heaven (single)
  • Like a Hobo Should (single)
  • Soundtrack-The Last of the American Hoboes (album)
  • Deep Mountain Lake (single)
  • Ship of Dreams (single)
  • Peanut Man (single)
  • My Baby’s Gonna Leave (single)
  • Fire and the Holy Ghost (single)
  • Little Did We Know bw Take My Hand Precious Lord (single)
  • They Slew the Dreamer (single)
  • An Old Frame House bw Mother Nature (single)
  • Revel (album)
  • Just as Long as we’re Together (single)
  • Bound to Lose (single)
  • Pac Man on Her Mind bw Wouldn’t it be Nice (single)
  • They Slew the Dreamer – remix (album)
  • River Bottom Road (single)
  • You (single)
  • A Gary Revel Christmas (album)
  • Alone on Christmas (single)
  • Christmas Again (single)
  • Christmas Day (single)
  • Christmas Eve (single)
  • Christmas Blessing (single)
  • I Miss You So (single)
  • Christmastime in Dreamland (single)
  • I Give You Praise (single)
  • Love Can’t be Better (single)
  • Home to Me (single)
  • Jesus Said (single)
  • With You (single)
  • How Much More (single)
  • You are the Lord (single)
  • Angel (single)
  • Best Times will be Bad (single)
  • Martian Boogie – (single)
  • Wanna Fly
  • Mother Nature remix (single)
  • Dream Dreamer (single)
  • Holy Spirit (single)
  • I Need You Jesus (single)
  • It’s Unconditional (single)
  • More Than a Craze (single)
  • Stop This World (single)
  • In My Dreams (single)
  • Land of Make Believe (single)
  • Lonesome Road (single)
  • Meet the Lord in the Sky (single)
  • To Only You (single)
  • Over and Over (single)
  • Better Left Unsaid
  • Comet’s Tail (single)
  • No One Cares For Me (single)
  • Are You Still There (single)
  • Nothin’ Bur Mis’ry (single)
  • The Woman and the Opossum (single)
  • Seashells Scattered in the Sand (single)
  • They Slew The Dreamer – remix with Memphis Police April 4, 1968 dispatch recording (single)
  • To Live Or Maybe Not (single)
  • Have a Happy New Year (single)
  • You Don’t Know Me (single)
  • True Love (single)
  • Can’t Take My Eyes Off You (single)
  • Angel (single)

Books Authored

Title – Author/Illustrator – Editor

  1. To Live or Maybe Not – Gary Revel – Mona Moon/Patricia McCune/Elisabeth Revel
  2. Black Man in the CIA – Leutrell Osborne – Gary Revel
  3. Milestones – Gary Revel (Poetry)
  4. Grempk – Gary Revel (Art Book) 5. The Victims of Communism and Their Persecutors – Gabriel Gherasim
  5. Golf Gods – David Green 6. The Kales Report – Joseph Kales (Rocky Jalil)
  6. The Adventures of Donald the Trumpbird – William Dandurand – Naomi Kibe-Revel
  7. Donald and the Constable of Ravens – William Dandurand
  8. The Adventures of Hillary the Little Ladybug (Hillary the Little Ladybug Series) – Mary Cohen
  9. Khloe the Squirrel: On the Other Side – Mary Cohen – Gary Revel
  10. The Accursed Soul of John Kakourgos – George Rodetis
  11. Room Eight – Toya Marie Jordan/Claire A Middleton – Wendy Mills
  12. The Book of Real God – Rajesh Navaneetham
  13. Alice the Orca – Mary Cohen
  14. Alice the Orca: Adventures in the Arctic Ocean – Mary Cohen – Elisabeth Revel
  15. Chilled Over Ice: Who’s That in the Mirror – Toya Marie Jordan
  16. Lalo Mouse – Guillermo Vasquez/Zorro Renteria – Naomi Kibe-Revel
  17. Lalo Mouse ABC – Guillermo Vasquez/Zorro Renteria
  18. Fang Gang: They Live – Fang Gang – Nyemah Jackson and Gary Revel
  19. Nothing – Gary Revel
  20. Hillary and the Submarine: Mixed Media (Hillary the Little Ladybug Series) – Mary Cohen/William Dandurand and Gary Revel – Naomi Kibe-Revel
  21. Hillary and Bigfoot: Mixed Media – Mary Cohen/William Dandurand/Gary Revel/Elisabeth Revel – Naomi Kibe-Revel/Gary Revel Hillary and the Mystery of the Secret (Hillary the Little Ladybug Series) : Mixed Media – William Dandurand/Gary Revel/Elisabeth Revel – Naomi Kibe-Revel
  22. Hillary and the Submarine: Mixed Media (Hillary the Little Ladybug Series) – Mary Cohen/William Dandurand and Gary Revel – Naomi Kibe-Revel
  23. Hillary and the Haunted Castle (Hillary the Little Ladybug Series) – Mary Cohen/William Dandurand/Gary Revel – Gary Revel Treasure Stories Told by my Grandfather – William Dandurand
  24. ABC Owl: Who are You – William Dandurand
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  48. You’ll Bee Scared Too – Richard Faith/Todd Hobin
  49. The Haunting of the Scavenger – Aidan Lucid
  50. Hillary and Malibug Beach – Mary Cohen/William Dandurand/Elisabeth Revel
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  62. Big Fat Orange – Billy Dodd/Vickie Roberts
  63. Hillary and the Leprechauns – Mary Cohen/William Dandurand/Elisabeth Revel

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Movies in Development-Slate

  • They Slew the Dreamer: MLK – The Gary Revel Story
  • Golf Gods
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  • Chilled Over Ice: Who’s that in the Mirror
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  • U 92

Television/Media Series in Development

  1. Dream Killers
  2. The Adventures of Hillary the Little Ladybug
  3. Old Doc Turtle
  4. Fly Patrol


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Who REALLY Killed Martin Luther King Jr.?: The Case Against Lyndon B. Johnson and J. Edgar Hoover by Phillip F. Nelson  (Author), Edgar F. Tatro (Contributor)

Revel on the case against Sirhan Sirhan discussed on the Lars Larson Show

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